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Spacing between TableViewSections in Grouped TableView

Is there a way to decrease the spacing between each tableViewSection? In other words, can the padding on the top and bottom of each section be changed? Thanks in advance!

— asked October 26th 2010 by Jonathan Nutter
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1 Answer

  • You need to create a view with the desired height and add it to the table view section like so :-

     var tableSection = Ti.UI.createTableViewSection();
     tableSection.headerView = Ti.UI.createView({height:8});

    For table view at the top you also need to take into account the header for the table itself and do the same as above :-

    var table = Titanium.UI.createTableView({
    table.headerView = Ti.UI.createView({height:1}) // height cannot be 0
    — answered January 9th 2011 by Shamsul Azhar Ahmad Shamsuddin
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    • Don't forget to also configure the footerView also. THe headerView is only half of the gap between sections!

      — commented March 21st 2012 by Darren Cope
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