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Stop processing if locationservices==false

Is there a way for this? My app is pretty useless without it, so if they dont have it enabled, I have an alertDialog that tells them it needs to be enabled.

                var locationDialog = Titanium.UI.createAlertDialog({
                title: 'Error',
                message: 'Location Services needs to be enabled for this application',
                buttonNames: ['OK']


Can I have the button I generate in the alert dialog to open the Location Services in the settings dialog, and stop processing the rest of the app?

— asked October 26th 2010 by Josh Lewis
  • locationservicesenabled
  • processing
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1 Answer

  • Allegedly there is no approved way of launching the settings screen from an alert.

    The closest you can get is to edit your tiapp.xml and set the persistent-wifi key to true, clean the iPhone build folder by deleting the contents of the folder and rebuilding your app. Doing this will force a setting called UIRequiresPersistentWiFi in your applications Info.plist and it will make iOS complain if the app is in airplane mode and will give you a button that lets you change the settings.

    No this isn't necessarily a great or real fix, just some info about the one way to invoke settings.

    — answered October 26th 2010 by John McKnight
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