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Paypal payment methods...

Just now looking at the Red Cross app and reading over the documentation. Very nice guys! Great job.

Are there any plans to allow credit card payment via PayPal or is a PayPal account required? I love PayPal but I'd hate to have an app where many users couldn't use the payment system because they don't have a Paypal account.

— asked October 26th 2010 by Rick Blalock
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2 Answers

  • I was late coming in to the webinar the other day….did they mention this at all?

    — answered October 29th 2010 by Rick Blalock
  • I was in on the webinar from the start. I don't recall them saying anything specifically about credit cards via PayPal. But, they did say something about making purchasing like current models: enter your payment account details once the first time you buy something, then never again. To me, this suggests requiring a PayPal account. Also, from PP's perspective, I think this is what they'd want (lock in consumers).

    — answered October 30th 2010 by Tim Poulsen
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