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Zend AMF & Appcelerator

I'm a Flex / Flash Builder developer and for the most part when developing a backend we tend to use Zend AMF or AMFPHP. The AMF protocol is used because it is much faster than other web services / protocols.

Can the mobile version of appcelerator consume AMF services?

— asked October 27th 2010 by Irving Carrion
  • amf
  • amfphp
  • andriod
  • flash
  • flex
  • iphone
  • zend

2 Answers

  • Titanium supports ruby scripts, so i'm guessing that it will be very simple to include an AMF serializer and deserializer with the Rubyamf plugin.

    — answered February 17th 2011 by Omar Osorio
  • I've been looking to solve that same problem Irving.

    — answered August 29th 2011 by Joseph Sachs
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