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TUIO mobile client with Titanium?

Hi there,

I have just a simple (newbie) question: is it possible to use Titanium mobile to send TCP/UDP binary data to a specific remore port?

More specifically: is it possible to create a TUIO client (for iOS and Android) using Titanium mobile?
It will allow me to use multitouch capabilities of an android tablet and/or ipad to send blobs to a multitouch application built with CCV.

The default transport method for TUIO is the delivery of binary OSC data by sending UDP packets via port 3333. But port should be configurable and protocol could be also TCP.

For more information on TUIO: http://www.tuio.org/

For more information on Open Sound Control (OSC): http://opensoundcontrol.org

For More information on CCV: http://ccv.nuigroup.com/

thanks a lot & regards,

— asked October 28th 2010 by Timur M.
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1 Answer

  • UDP is not supported but you can send/receive using TCP and control the ports that are used.


    For an example of its use, check out the Kitchensink Mobile sample in the Resources/examples/sockets.js file.

    — answered October 28th 2010 by John McKnight
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