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Pause VIdeo

Hi, in Titanium Mobile, can i stop a video and then resume at the same point? I know that exist method pause(), but how do i resume video? Thanks

— asked October 28th 2010 by Mattia Zanetti
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2 Answers

  • On 12 March the apidocs were updated with the pause/resume information in master on github, so I am not sure why it hasn't been published yet. Apparently, the play() method is used to resume a video. See VideoPlayer.tdoc

    — answered November 6th 2010 by Paul Dowsett
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    • I don't see the resume information, and play isn't resuming the video for me.

      — commented April 4th 2011 by David Smith
  • Not sure how you're coding it but .play() does resume a paused video.

    Here's how I am doing it:

    function VideoPlayback(win) {
        var self = this;
        this.win = win;
        this.activeMovie = null;
        this.isPaused = false;
        this.draw = function () {
            self.activeMovie = Ti.Media.createVideoPlayer({
                url: 'sample.mov'
            self.playPauseButton = Ti.UI.createButton({
                backgroundImage: 'pause.png'
            self.playPauseButton.addEventListener('click', function (e) {
                if (!self.isPaused) {
                    self.playPauseButton.backgroundImage = 'play.png';
                } else {
                    self.playPauseButton.backgroundImage = 'pause.png';
                self.isPaused =! self.isPaused;
    var vid = new VideoPlayback(Ti.UI.currentWindow);
    — answered July 19th 2011 by Mark Pemburn
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