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Cloud Build Service for Mobile

In various articles I've seen references to building in the cloud for alternative platforms but can't find a reference on appcelerator's site. Does such a service exist so I can build a mobile app on a PC without having to buy a Mac?

I know that this service is now provided by third parties if you're doing a purely javascript/html5/css app so it now becomes a factor when comparing standard native apps to appcelerator and mobile web via phonegap.

— asked October 28th 2010 by Andrew Barilla
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2 Answers

  • The question is about the build service on appcelerator's site. I am also looking for the link if there is any. I just downloaded studio and have not wrote even hello world program. If you have a simple program you made on appcelerator then i would say that try phonegap build service. I used the service for sencha touch and it works fine. I build for ipad. The service is free on build.phonegap.com

    — answered August 5th 2013 by Jaami Adam
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