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splashscreen and icon default images won't disapear for ipad

I've deleted all the appicon and default.png's from my ipad project. I've then launched it and the images are still coming up.

I would like to replace them eventually, but at the moment I can't even get rid of them.

How is it possible that the simulator is still finding these images when they are not there?

— asked October 31st 2010 by Miles Savelli-Holt
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2 Answers

  • did you delete your build directory ? (inside your project directory)

    — answered October 31st 2010 by Stephane Pelamourgues
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    • Thanks for the suggestion.

      Well just now it asked me to update to 4.1.1 which did something and removed the icon. But now when I put it back, it doesn't detect anything so now I the same problem reversed. I can't get the icon image back, it doesn't detect it even though the images have been replaced.

      So i tried what you said and deleted the build, it rebuild but the appicon still comes out blank. I also tried designating the icon through Titanium but even after selecting the image, that still doesn't work.

      — commented October 31st 2010 by Miles Savelli-Holt
  • Ok figured it out. You need to go click iPhone Simulator, then select "Clear Content & Settings".

    Note, this will remove all the apps on the simulator and clear the simulator's cache. Just launch the apps again, and any icon's or images will be reloaded.

    — answered November 2nd 2010 by Miles Savelli-Holt
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