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Debug open

Hi, is possible set to automatically open a debug window when titanium app start?

— asked March 26th 2010 by gianluca rettore
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    Yes, you can use: https://developer.appcelerator.com/apidoc/desktop/1.0/Titanium.UI.UserWindow.showInspector.html although showing the console automatically is currently unsupported on Linux.

    — answered March 26th 2010 by Martin Robinson
    • Does anyone have an example of this? I'm trying to figure out the same thing (a year later and on Mac), but it just throws a javascript error when I try to call that function either directly or on the current window.

      — commented August 30th 2011 by Richard Bateman
    • What SDK are you using on OSX ?

      You should be able to right-mouse-click on your window and select "inspect element". Do you not have that?

      What version of OSX are you using?

      — commented August 30th 2011 by Alan DuBoff
    • Yeah; the problem turned out to be that I'm on Lion and was still using the 1.1.0 sdk. Upgraded and it works well now.

      — commented September 2nd 2011 by Richard Bateman
    • I'm on Snow Leopard, using 1.2rc6e and this does not work for me. I can right click to inspect element, but can't open with showInspector() anymore. Anyone have any ideas?

      — commented January 11th 2012 by mitchell amihod
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