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Hello, just wondering how you scroll to the top of a tableviewsection. I have 2 section and sometimes I need to scroll to the second section which is way down the scroll. How do you do it?

— asked November 1st 2010 by Matt Hebs
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1 Answer

  • Titanium.UI.TableView.scrollToIndex() scrolls to a row index. I am not sure it's possible to scroll to a section. Would it be feasible for you to determine the first row in a section, and scroll to its index instead?

    An iphone-only feature is to pass constants to scrollToIndex, as follows:


    There is more information about it in the docs and you can see it in action in the KitchenSink in table_view_row_insert.js

    — answered November 5th 2010 by Paul Dowsett
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