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Using Pusher for Push Notification with Appcelerator

Is Appcelerator compatible with Pusher another push notification framework similar to Urban Airship?

If so, can someone please show me an example code to do this?

— asked November 2nd 2010 by Zaldy Acosta
  • appcelerator
  • compatibility
  • notification
  • push

1 Answer

  • It is, I found a download on Pushers website but I cannot figure out how to install the module. Can someone help? You can find the client libraries here: Pusher.com

    — answered January 18th 2013 by Stephen Vicino
    1 Comment
    • @Stephen Vicino: Did you get Pusher working with Titanium ?

      — commented July 14th 2014 by Nikhil Rastogi
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