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navGroup Using External JS with Multiple Levels

Hey Guys,

Wanted to first thanks for all the help. The community really does a great job with answering questions and helping out. Hopefully I can do the same down the road.

There is a great tutorial about how to create and use a navGroup and I had a couple questions that I wondering if anyone knew the answer to.


  1. Say I made my page "first" go to a url. How can I make that page go to a different external page, but stay within the tab group. In theory:
  • app.js opens "external_one.js" with a navGroup/titleBar to a page containing a tableView.

  • A tableView button in "external_one.js" goes to url "external_two.js" that STILL contains the navGroup.

  • A tableView button in "external_two.js" goes to url "external_three.js" that STILL contains the navGroup.

  • The navGroup in "external_three.js" has the ability to press "back" twice to get back to the original "external_1".

Does that make sense?

  1. Would it work/is there a way to do something like win.addCurrentNavGroup();? Not sure how that would work…



— asked November 2nd 2010 by Michael Fogg
  • external
  • js
  • multiple
  • navgroup

1 Answer

  • Adding windows/pages to the NavGroup are simply done by


    that will push the window onto the navGroup stack, not sure if that answers the question… it is kinda hard to follow

    — answered November 9th 2010 by Aaron Saunders
    1 Comment
    • Can you explain better your vision, Aaron ?
      I didn't understood…

      — commented March 13th 2011 by Thiago Holanda
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