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Installation failed - behind corporate firewall


I've seen a lot of questions about the same thing, but none have been answered. I'm behind a corporate firewall, and installation fails with the message "Could not find query info".

Is there an offline installer that I can download?

I'm about to make a decision whether to use Adobe Air or Titanium, and this unfortunately looks like it is going to be the decider for me…


— asked November 3rd 2010 by Paul Taylor
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4 Answers

  • Really upset. I got the same issue. Without a offline installer is quite unfriendly. It tooks me almost 2 days for installing the titanium developer.

    The solution is to setup a route to the download server of appcelerator. For windows, you should add following two lines to your windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts: api.appcelerator.net cloud2.appcelerator.net

    For api.appcelerator.net, it use fixed ip. This one should work.
    For cloud2.appcelerator.net, it use dynamic ip as it is probably on amazon's s3, so the ip here maybe not work, you should try to get the correct ip first.

    — answered December 13th 2010 by kevin l
  • I realized that any question that deals with offline installation is completely ignored in this Q&A. Many people that are seriously interested in knowing Titanium are annoyed but this. I can not think of any known open source application that uses exclusively offline installers :-(

    I presume that there is some high level decision in the company to not address this issue within the community. If not, why not just comment on those questions?

    By the way, I have also had to make a decision between Titanium and Adobe AIR. I think i will take AIR…

    — answered November 3rd 2010 by Paco De Lucia
  • I travel a lot and I am frustrated by the lack of offline functionality. Today I have spent a little time poking inside Titanium Developer and I think it can be run offline with some code changes. If I am successful I will upload a version for people to try.

    — answered November 3rd 2010 by John McKnight
  • I would think it's simple. They want to track installations so they can show potential investors "Look at how many installs we have."

    — answered November 3rd 2010 by Josh Lewis
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