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Android not playing audio, why? (Includes trace log)


I am trying to stream audio from android, it used to work fine but I have hit a problem and I have a link to my tracefile here http://pastie.org/1269849

What is causing the streaming audio to fail to play does anyone know, is it something I can fix or something wrong with Titanium itself?

— asked November 3rd 2010 by Stephen Page
  • android
  • audio
  • failure
  • log
  • streaming
  • trace

2 Answers

  • It looks like it's not able to correctly initialize the media player for a particular audio stream.

    — answered November 3rd 2010 by Don Thorp
  • And how would one correctly initialize the media player?

    I guess I need a foo-foo valve! :-)

    — answered November 9th 2010 by Stephen Page
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