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Does Titanium Developer for Windows comes with a code editor?

I've seen many Titanium videos about code edition. But the videos are always Mac based. I've just installed the Titanium Developer for Windows but I can't find a code editor – actually, I can't even see the project file structure!

How can I edit the code? Do I need another IDE?

— asked March 26th 2010 by Samuel Diniz Casimiro
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4 Answers

  • when you create a project in Ti Dev it creates some files and folders in the directory you entered. The main file you need to look for is app.js this is the file that runs on the app start up and links everything together.
    i would also recommend checking out the getting started guide http://www.codestrong.com/titanium/guides/get_started/ should clear a few things up for you

    — answered March 26th 2010 by Glenn Tillemans
  • Hi Samuel,

    Titanium Developer(TD) only does the hard work for you. Converting code from javascript to the device code.

    There is no IDE included with TD, you edit the code in the IDE of your choice (for instance Notepad++).

    The project file structure is as followed.
    If you make a new prject. you can give an directory. TD will then make a couple of files in that folder. That are your project files. Now if you go to Resources folder, that is were all of your code files are.

    — answered March 26th 2010 by Michiel Neelen
  • I'd DEFINITELY suggest Aptana as an IDE to use in conjunction with Titanium

    It's free and it's awesome


    Point a new Aptana project in there right to the "resource" folder that the previous answers talk about

    — answered March 26th 2010 by Stephen Gilboy
  • I have adopted notepad ++ and Scite (two of the webs leading text editors) to Titanium.
    This allows calltips and autocomplete with function parameters and description to be automatically called.


    Happy coding.


    — answered May 17th 2010 by Rudolf Bumm
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