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Image blink when use rotate in event

Hi everyone, I'm having a "problem" with the rotate animation. I'm working on a compass and when I rotate my image, it's blinking. Here is the code :

var t = Ti.UI.create2DMatrix();
var a = Titanium.UI.createAnimation();
t = t.rotate(360 - e.heading.magneticHeading);
a.visible = true;
a.opacity = 1;

I used "visible" and "opacity" because the transform + animate reset (rotate = 0) the image before applying the rotation.

Any ideas ? Thanks for help.

PS : I was only able to try this on my Nexus One (Yes, Android !).

S. Jeremy

— asked November 3rd 2010 by Jeremy Sculfort
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2 Answers

  • I had the same problem creating a watch app. I assumed that as I was animating something I should use the animation api, however, this creates an animation that starts and returns to 0 degrees so my watch flickered a lot and the hands appeared to be stuck at 12 o`clock.

    I suspect that your compass flickers with the needle pointing north.

    The solution is to use a transform on an imageview not an animation, below is some code from my watch that should demonstrate.

    var second_hand = Titanium.UI.createImageView({
    function tick() {
        var rot_second = Ti.UI.create2DMatrix();
        currentTime = new Date();
        curdate = currentTime.getDate();
        curday = currentTime.getDay();
        hours = currentTime.getHours();
        minutes = currentTime.getMinutes();
        seconds = currentTime.getSeconds();
        millis = currentTime.getTime() % 1000;
        ticks = Math.floor(millis / 250);
        second_hand_angle = (6 * seconds) + (1.5 * ticks);
        rot_second = rot_second.rotate(second_hand_angle);
        second_hand.transform = rot_second;

    Hope this helps.

    — answered December 2nd 2010 by Derrick Huth
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    • Did you do this on iPhone or Android? Cause transform on my image object on Android does nothing. Nothing in the log too.

      — commented December 17th 2010 by George Marmaridis
  • Wow, 2 years later and this code works perfect! Thanks!

    — answered June 29th 2012 by Andrew Royce
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