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Android remote video


I'm using the following code to add a video player to a window:

var w = Ti.UI.createWindow({});
      var vp = Ti.Media.createVideoPlayer({

It works perfectly on iPhone but crash on Android:

Runtime Error
Wrapped java.lang.
IllegalArgumentException: argument type mismatch

I'm not sure if it's an unsupported feature just yet, as only the local video exemple is in the KitchenSink app for Android.

If anyone could point me to the right direction, that would be great!

Thanks for your help.

— asked November 3rd 2010 by Brice Lechatellier

1 Answer

  • I finally got so mad at the Titanium Video Player I ended up just adding a WebView that embedded the Video in HTML. Worked MUCH better that way.

    — answered November 3rd 2010 by Colton Arabsky
    • Thanks for the tip, will try out this now. I hope they fix/improve it with 1.5 because this is a deal breaker for me to get the premium membership.

      — commented November 3rd 2010 by Brice Lechatellier
    • Hey Colton, do you mind sharing the video embed code you are using in your webview please? Tried out here and can't get the video to play in the webview… It might be a codec issue.

      — commented November 4th 2010 by Brice Lechatellier
    • I am interested in seeing it as well, thanks

      — commented April 27th 2011 by Ronnie Swietek
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