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Which event fires when you click the red 'Delete' button on a TableView row?

Hi All,

Can't seem to come up with an answer for this one: I've set my TableView to 'editable: true' so now, when you swipe on the row, the red delete button magically appears (!) and, when you click, the row goes away. Close to good enough – except that the data in the row is contained in a SQLite table and I need to delete it from there as well. So, which event is fired when you click that red button?



— asked November 5th 2010 by Mark Pemburn
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1 Answer

  • Accepted Answer

    Have you tried the 'delete' event?

    // add delete event listener
        var s = e.section;
        Ti.API.info( ' title ' + e.rowData.title);
        Ti.API.info("deleted - row="+e.row+", index="+e.index+",
                                     section="+e.section );
    — answered November 5th 2010 by Aaron Saunders
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    • Thanks - this wasn't specified in the TableView docs.

      — commented January 19th 2012 by Dan Smart
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