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imageView scaling in Android

I'm adding an image my window using this code:

var thisImage = Ti.UI.createImageView({
    width: 110,
    height: 75,
    url: '1_over.png',
    size: { height: 75, width: 110 }

The image is scaled up around 120%. I read that this is a common problem, but everyone says that the canScale property fixes this, but it doesn't. Anyone ?

I am using Titanium SDK 1.4.0. and testing it on Android 2.1. The resolution of my emulator is 800x480, maybe that is a problem?

Thanks in advance,
Rik de Vos

— asked November 6th 2010 by Rik de Vos
  • android
  • canscale
  • imageview
  • scale

2 Answers

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    Hi Rik

    First of all, the imageView url property has been deprecated - don't use it! Take a look at the ImageView-object documentation.

    There is a known bug with image scaling. Look at ticket #1434 for further info.



    — answered November 6th 2010 by Paul Dowsett
  • Thanks Hal, but it didn't really help me :(

    Yes, the url property has been deprecated, but even if I use 'image' instead of 'url' it still doesn't work.

    So I looked at ticket #1434, but with the canScale property on, and then the enableZoomControls property off it still doesn't work.

    The image is 110 x 75, but when I set the height and with to around 73 x 50 , which is 0.67 times the original size, the image does show as 110 x 75. This doesn't make any sense ?!?

    — answered November 6th 2010 by Rik de Vos
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    • You need to read the ticket again more carefully.

      — commented November 6th 2010 by Paul Dowsett
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