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Can we have a new pricing plan for support, pretty please!!

Hi Titanium team, can we get a third pricing plan for Garage Developers like me, I'm not a company but would buy a support package that suited my wallet more as I can't warrant paying 2,000 USD a year.

Maybe you could introduce inbetween Community and Professional… "Garage Developer" with the benefits of:

  • SDK: Yes
  • Early Product Access: No
  • Community Forum: Yes
  • Premium Support Portal: Yes
  • Guarenteed Response: 5 Business Days
  • Analytics Portal: Yes
  • Analytics Data: 1 Month
  • Critical Issue Resolution: No
  • "Building Native Apps" Training: No

Cost: $50 per month ($600 per year)

I'd pay that.. Anyone else?

— asked November 7th 2010 by James Becker
  • premium support

2 Answers

  • I'd like such an option as well, definitely. However: I'm now going out and trying to get some gigs that will pay the pro support. From all I've read, it should be worth it.

    — answered February 17th 2011 by Ray Beyer
  • 2000 a year sounds not that bad. i was actually afraid its ten times that.

    tough… i wish there would be something for more advanced users. i really dont care about premium support but about early product access and really dont understand why that would be a premium feature. as more test it, as sooner it gets ready, means more Ti users and therefore more customers for the premium service. even if its a "closed beta" let me apply for access to it.

    @james, 5 day response time is silly.

    — answered March 29th 2011 by Tobias O.
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