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zIndex problem

It seems that i'm having some problems with finding the right zIndex for 2 views.

I have 1 view that contains a scrollable view (with views loaded by a database), and another view that also contains a scrollable view. (also from a database).

Now, it doesn't matter which one i create first, because the position is always wrong, i figured it had something todo with the time when it was loaded form the database.

Then i tried just using zIndex, which should solve my problem, but, it doesn't.

productChooser.zIndex = 2;
testView.zIndex = 1;

I've done it like this, but the "testView" is still above the productChooser.

Am i still doing something wrong here?
It are bassicly 2 normal views.

— asked November 7th 2010 by Wouter De Loose
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  • Wouter

    Please take out any superfluous code, and paste the simplest script that demonstrates your issue to github gist. Then I am sure someone can help you.



    PS Please remember to mark your correct answers once a discussion has ended.

    — commented November 7th 2010 by Paul Dowsett

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  • Accepted Answer

    There was a bug about zindex:

    maybe this is your problem?

    — answered November 8th 2010 by Peter Griffin
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