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Any Stopwatch or Countup Timer function available?

I've tried searching around but have been unable to find a guide or sample code on how to create a stopwatch function or countup timer. I want to enable user to time the duration of a particular activity with start-stop buttons.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

— asked November 7th 2010 by Julien Ho
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3 Answers

  • Hi Julien

    If you are purely asking about the javascript logic you would use, what about something like this?

    In your start button event listener:

    var startTime = (new Date).getTime();

    Then attached to a stop button:

    var duration = (new Date).getTime() - startTime;

    If this isn't quite what you were asking, let me know.


    — answered November 7th 2010 by Paul Dowsett
  • Hi julian …

    Take a peek at timers here under notes section…

    — answered November 8th 2010 by Satta Ravi
  • I am just starting with Appcelerator so I am not really sure about how to go about referencing variables. Can you reference them if they are set in a function. When I try to do this the Console message is "Can't find variable: startTime"; How do you use a variable in a function that is set in another function.

    Here are my two event listeners for the start and stop button:
    //add start event listener
    startButton.addEventListener('click', function(e){
    var startTime = (new Date).getSeconds();
    showLabel.text = startTime;

    //add stop event listener
    stopButton.addEventListener('click', function(e){
    var endTime = (new Date).getSeconds() - startTime;
    showLabel.text = endTime;

    Thanks in advance.

    — answered April 11th 2012 by Daniel Krajc
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