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annotation event listener issue

So I'm pulling in 2 separate annotations (a client and a user annotation) through a jsonreponse and plotting it on the map just fine. The issue im running into deals with the eventlistener for the annotations.

I have one annotation with a right and left button, and another annotation with just a right button. The problem is that while setting an eventlistener on an annotation, I'm unable to define which annotation im selecting.

So basically, regardless of which annotation I select, be it the client or the user annotation, the eventlistener activates for both of them.

— asked November 8th 2010 by Chris Nelson
  • annotation
  • mapview

2 Answers

  • don't know about annotations, so i guess:

    var anno1 = addEventListener('myEvent',function(e){ alert(e.foo); });
    var anno2 = addEventListener('myOtherEvent',function(e){ ... });
    Ti.App.fireEvent('myEvent',{foo: 'bar'});


    — answered November 8th 2010 by u no
  • I use this, i'm doing a loop that creates my annotations, but then this allows it to fire just the one.

        // map event properties
        var annotation = evt.annotation;
        var title = evt.title;
        var endLat=evt.annotation.latitude;
        var endLon=evt.annotation.longitude;
        var clickSource = evt.clicksource;
            if (clickSource=="rightButton")
          do stuff

    Basically you're going to reference things by evt

    — answered November 9th 2010 by Josh Lewis
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    • That's how I'm currently adding the event listener. But I'm unsure of howto specify which set of annotations the listener is on.

      — commented November 9th 2010 by Chris Nelson
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