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Pass a Value to a WebView

Hi, everyone. I'm sure this is a simple example, but I've only spent a day learning Titanium; so I have much to learn. :)

I want to load a webView, and pass an html fragment to it. Something like this:

var webview = Titanium.UI.createWebView({
    url : '../page.html'
webview.content = 'my static content';

var window = Titanium.UI.createWindow();

So this will correctly create the webView and load it into the new window. But, I can't seem to access that content variable from within page.html. I thought I could do Titanium.UI.currentWindow.content, but that doesn't work.

Any help? Thanks!

— asked March 26th 2010 by Jeffrey Way
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5 Answers

  • You can use the evalJS() function to execute Javascript code inside the webView.

    var code = "document.getElementById('myDiv').innerText = 'custom html here';";
    — answered March 26th 2010 by Jacob Williams
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    • Worked flawlessly! Bingo!
      Thanks a mill.

      I wrote the function name in… This example was for a results page after a form. It made my back button close the results page, and clear the form. The clear form function was within the html page head:

      backbutton.addEventListener('click', function() { winResults.close(); var code = "clearForms();"; webviewer.evalJS(code); });

      — commented November 8th 2010 by Glen McPherson
  • The usual method advised in the past is to utilize:


    • MorningZ
    — answered March 26th 2010 by Stephen Gilboy
  • Right, and I guess I could use that, but I was hoping for a more direct solution. I was under the impression that, as I long as I add properties directly to the webview, they'll be available to me from within it.

    — answered March 26th 2010 by Jeffrey Way
  • Using custom properties like you're trying to do should work, but try adding it to window instead of webview, so like this:

    window.content = 'my static content';

    Then you should be able to read it from your new window via Ti.UI.currentWindow.content

    custom_properties.js and custom_properties_2.js examples in Kitchen Sink shows examples of how to use custom properties to pass data between windows.

    — answered March 26th 2010 by Dan Giulvezan
  • These don't seem to be working for me. All I want is to create a webview, with a url of 'somepage.html', and from within it, have access to a variable from the JavaScript file that created it. I can obviously run JavaScript from within that html page, but I don't seem to have access to any of the variables from the window.

    — answered March 27th 2010 by Jeffrey Way
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