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Getting started PDF out of date?

I tried using the getting started pdf to set up and test the default app - kitchensink. It says to choose the v1.6 API when there's a v2.2API out. I tried them both and neither even worked. I know it didn't work because when I tried to launch it via both those APi's in the simulator it would load the simulator but it didn't load the APP at all. I followed it step by step several times without success.

— asked November 9th 2010 by Will Rabil
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  • You have the question tagged as iphone, but the question sounds like you were trying this on android? Ami I reading it wrong?

    — commented November 9th 2010 by Aaron Saunders

2 Answers

  • I agree with Aaron - there seems to be conflicting information in your question.

    Anyway, I am developing for Android, on ubuntu. This screenshot shows the Android APIs I currently have installed (you can access this info using the /path/to/tools/android executable).

    This screenshot shows how the KS project is set up in TiDev, including the Titanium SDK being used, and this screenshot also from TiDev shows the "Test & Package" screen where the Android API is selected (the 2.2 you were speaking about).

    — answered November 11th 2010 by Paul Dowsett
  • Hi, I am having the same problems. No way get the sink working no matter what Android SDK I select. This I get over and over…

    [INFO] Launching Android emulator…one moment

    [INFO] Building KitchenSink for Android … one moment

    [INFO] Waiting for the Android Emulator to become available

    [INFO] Copying project resources..

    [INFO] Detected tiapp.xml change, forcing full re-build…

    [INFO] Compiling Android Resources… This could take some time

    [ERROR] /Users/elmaco/android-sdk-mac_x86/tools/apkbuilder

    [INFO] Installing application on device

    [ERROR] Failed installing com.appcelerator.kitchensink: pkg: /data/local/tmp/app.apk

    Any hints? I can create an empty app and it starts up. But I'd like to see the sink.


    — answered November 11th 2010 by GunsNRails GR
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