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Title bar clipping on device


I'm new to Titanium and I'm debugging my first app.

It's a simple app with several windows and a title bar for each one.
Everything looks great on the simulator but when I launch my application on my iPhone, the title bars blinks going from its original blue color to the black one I set when I change windows.
It's happening when the window loads as it doesn't appear afterward.

Here's my code, in each window js file at the top, I write :

Titanium.UI.currentWindow.barColor = '#1b1b1b';

Maybe should I this write differently?

I wrote this app with iOS 4.1 SDK and I'm using iOS 4.2 GM on my iPhone 4, I don't think this has something to do with it as everything else works fine and I'm compilling with Titanium SDK 1.4.2 and iOS 4.1.

Pardon my weird english.

Thanks in advance for your answers!

— asked November 11th 2010 by Arthur Roussel
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1 Answer

  • Ok sorry I found the solution by myself.

    If it might help someone:

    I just had to put the barColor property in the file that loads the window and not in the window itself, then the color is changed before the window is opened and then no blinking.

    — answered November 11th 2010 by Arthur Roussel
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    • Thanks, that really helped me!

      — commented February 9th 2011 by Stephan Betke
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