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iPad Apps?

I noticed that you can now build a iPhone app and have it launch in the iPad simulator using the SDK 3.2, but I can only get one to launch as a iPhone app.

I'm trying to find out if it is possible yet to get it to launch as a iPad app full screen using the native resolution?

I really would like to start building some iPad apps.

— asked March 26th 2010 by donovan lewis
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1 Answer

  • Yep… But for now, you must be a Pro level (aka paid), user. It will go out to the community in the coming weeks. Also, make sure you're using the latest 3.2 beta 5.

    We're trying to push out 2 iPad releases for Apple's deadline in 26 odd hours…


    — answered March 26th 2010 by Brendan Gallagher
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