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Have an arrow as rightButton on a MapView annotation item to show detail view


is it possible to configure an annotation in a way so that it shows a "right arrow" simiar to the disclosure icon in a TableView?

When clicking on this icon, I would like to go to a detail view with my Tab/Navigation group.


— asked November 11th 2010 by Czar
  • annotation
  • disclosure
  • mapview

1 Answer

  • looks like you can specify the button for the left and right side of the annotations, I would suggest you start there.


    — answered November 11th 2010 by Aaron Saunders
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    • I Know. But would I have to create a button for each annotation? Not very efficient… This is my code so far:

      var annotationsAdded = false;
      function addAnnotaions() {
          if (!annotationsAdded) {
              for (var i = 0; i < customData.length; i++) {
                  var offer = customData[i];
                  var annotaion = Titanium.Map.createAnnotation({
                      latitude: offer.latitude,
                      longitude: offer.longitude,
                      title: offer.city,
                      subtitle: 'Now only: ' + (offer.newPrize).toFixed(0) + '€',
                      pincolor: Titanium.Map.ANNOTATION_RED,
                      leftButton: '../images/flags/'+offer.country+'.png',
                      offer:offer // CUSTOM ATTRIBUTE THAT IS PASSED INTO EVENT OBJECTS
          annotationsAdded = true;

      — commented November 11th 2010 by Czar
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