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Custom font issues

I am using a custom font. However, I want to use a different weight (ie bold). Setting fontWeight to bold in the font object does not do it.

It seems I need the bold version of the same font. I tried adding this bold version of the font but could not get it to work.

Anyone know how to use a custom font including different weights in the same font family?

I am using Titanium 1.2.1 and iOS SDK 4.2

— asked November 11th 2010 by Ken Woodward
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3 Answers

  • Let's say you have 2 fonts that are the same name but different weights. (ie: (Museo300-Regular.otf and Museo500-Regular.otf)
    After you go through the install, plist etc. mentioned above, you do this:
    font: {

    font: {
    } .

    This worked for me : )

    — answered July 13th 2012 by dw fresh
  • Ken

    You have not provided your dev platform and SDK.
    Please see this information about the fonts supported on each platform.


    — answered November 13th 2010 by Paul Dowsett
  • Has anyone solved this issue yet? I'm having the same issue with the font Rockwell. I'm trying to only use Rockwell Bold, but it only shows up as Rockwell Regular.

    I even tried to resave the bold version of the font in a font editor program to Rockwell Regular, and still no dice.

    Any suggestions? My last resort is to find a font similar to Rockwell Bold and use that instead.

    I'm using Titanium 1.7.5 and iOS SDK 5.0

    — answered January 13th 2012 by Mark Goldsmith
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    • Ok nevermind, I just figured out the solution that worked for me (and Rockwell font). I found the solution here:

      So the steps I took were:

      I followed this video tutorial to add the fonts:

      I added both Rockwell.ttf and Rockwell_Bold.ttf to the Resources folder, and then added both to the Info.plist in the root of my project.

      Then instead of naming the font weight I called Rockwell Bold like this:

       font: {

      — commented January 13th 2012 by Mark Goldsmith
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