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Remote image galleries

how to implement a remote image galleries?

what is for u the best idea to do it?
a webview?

there is some sample apps?

— asked November 15th 2010 by Samuele Coppedè
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5 Answers

  • Samuele, personally I would use the native views rather than a webview, to make best use of Titanium. You can certainly display remote images, as image_view_remote.js and photo_gallery_xhr.js from the KitchenSink demonstrate. There are a couple more examples there that may also be of use to you.

    — answered November 16th 2010 by Paul Dowsett
  • you can also check out my plugin i wrote, its capable of creating a iPhoto like gallery with remote and local images
    http://codecanyon.net/item/titanium-gallery-module/167909 if your interested in using my gallery

    — answered March 15th 2011 by Jason Meulenhoff
  • If you want to use Titanium to it's full potential, I would grab all the images in a loop and add them to Views and then add those views to a scrollableView. I have a Image Gallery on one of my apps and this is how I do it. Works like a charm :)

    — answered March 15th 2011 by Colton Arabsky
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    • could you provide the code please?

      — commented January 2nd 2012 by Julien Gattegno
  • Try the open-source gallery at Codeboxed.

    — answered May 28th 2011 by Micah Alcorn
  • Too bad the codeboxed module can't handle distant images… I wish i could work with urls in this module…

    — answered December 10th 2011 by Greg Berger
    • i eventually managed to have the codeboxed gallery to work with remote images

      — commented December 20th 2011 by Greg Berger
    • how did you do? can you provide the code pleaze?

      — commented January 2nd 2012 by Julien Gattegno
    • In the original code, a label with a background image is created to display the thumbs. I thought labels probably don't accept remote images as background, so I simply changed the Ti.UI.createLabel() into Ti.UI.createImageView() around line 315 in the original file.

      sorry for the late answer

      — commented January 12th 2012 by Greg Berger
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