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Need help with cut'n'paste clipboard module


I'm trying to have this clipboard module work, but with no success. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong ? Here's my steps :

  1. download and unzip somewhere
  2. open the project with xcode and modify the file titanium.xcconfig to specify my titanium sdk version (1.4.2)
  3. edit project settings, and specify project format : "xcode 3.2 compatible" and base sdk for all configuration : iphone device 4 (also tried iphone simulator 4, cose I know nothing about what to do here !)
  4. because of what's written here, I edit the file module.xcconfig to replace the wrong # with correct //
  5. run a xcode build command, to check there's no error, save everything and exit xcode
  6. run the build.py script, which seems to end with no error
  7. move the newly created zip to my /Users/christopher/Library/Application Support/Titanium/ folder, and unzip it, what gives me a nice /Users/christophe/Library/Application Support/Titanium/modules/iphone/titanium.clipboard/0.1 directory with all the files in
  8. Edit my titanium project file tiapp.xml to add this module :
     <module version="0.1">titanium.clipboard</module>
  9. edit my app.js file and add this to include the module's functionalities :
    var ragnagna = require('titanium.clipboard');
    Ti.API.info("module is => "+ragnagna);
  10. delete my build subfolder to force a full rebuild

Finally, I click the launch button of the titanium GUI, it's building, and then, just stop with no error : see here.

I can see that the clipboard module is found :

[INFO] Compiling JavaScript...one moment
[INFO] One moment, building ...

[INFO] Detected third-party module: titanium.clipboard/0.1

[INFO] Titanium SDK version: 1.4.2
[INFO] iPhone Device family: iphone
[INFO] iPhone SDK version: 4.0
[INFO] Performing full rebuild. This will take a little bit. Hold tight...
[INFO] Performing clean build

I have no idea of what to do now… If someone can spend 10 minutes on this, and tell me what's wrong, I'll give him a thousand thanks, because the lack of cut and paste functionality is the only thing that blocks me from submitting my app to the appstore :-(

— asked November 15th 2010 by Christophe Soudron
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1 Answer

  • Ok, i've found my mistake, so, if it helps someone :

    step 7, /Users/christopher/Library/Application Support/Titanium is not the good folder. Have to be /Library/Application Support/Titanium

    And step 9 is useless.

    Now, it works.

    — answered November 16th 2010 by Christophe Soudron
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    • thank you for this

      — commented December 2nd 2010 by soemarko ridwan
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