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split view for android

Google is going to release Gingerbread. It should be there first release that's tab compatible.

I would like to see a split view implementation for android tablets (like the one for the iPad) fo devices like the galaxy tab and a second tab in the Run Emulator tab to run the code against an android tab image.

— asked November 16th 2010 by Sven Wiese-Solty
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1 Answer

  • We're tracking developments in Android tablets, and will be integrating support for these devices and skins in the Android SDK down the road. However, we haven't made any announcements yet about added features with regard to Android tablets - the dev blog or our Twitter account are the best places to keep your finger on the pulse of what we do/can/will support and when.

    — answered November 16th 2010 by Kevin Whinnery
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