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ANDROID compiles...

it takes so long to compile and run ANDROID apps in the emulator. Is there anyway to speed things up?

— asked November 16th 2010 by vincent youmans
  • android
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  • Vincent, do you mean to launch an app after you have changed some js code? How long is "so long"?

    — commented November 16th 2010 by Paul Dowsett

3 Answers

  • The Titanium build scripts dynamically generate Java source code for your application (not your full application, but parts of it). Because of this, we do need to recompile your project and recreate a Dalvik executable every time you make a code change. This causes a rather slow cycle of editing code, recompiling, and redeploying your application to a device or emulator (Make sure to keep your emulator running and just hit launch in Developer, so the emulator doesn't restart every time!).

    We're working on ways to improve this, like potentially just copying JavaScript to the SD card, but haven't come up with anything sufficiently stable yet. It stinks though, and we know it stinks - we're definitely keen on finding a solution.

    — answered November 16th 2010 by Kevin Whinnery
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    • Is there a way to force Titanium to generate ALL the Java source for the app, like it generates Obj-C for iPhone? It'd be invaluable to be able to take the app into NetBeans or Eclipse for final tweaking.

      — commented April 11th 2011 by Richard John
  • No problems… The only comment that I would make is that I get a lot of feedback saying that the emulator can be located.. and I think that slows down the process a lot. So I generally just Shut down the Emulator and Ti, between every compile. The iPHONE stuff works fine.

    — answered November 16th 2010 by vincent youmans
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    • I haven't ever had this issue, and I work with android all the time. As you mention iphone, I presume you are using a mac? I use ubuntu, incidentally.

      I am sure that it is a problem that can be resolved, but it may take some perseverance on your part to get to the bottom of it.

      Please could you quote the error exactly as you see it (or copy and paste if possible)? Use pastebin or gist if it is long.

      — commented November 16th 2010 by Paul Dowsett
  • Has there been any movement on this in the last two months? As a new Ti developer, trial and error is a big part of the curve, but it takes so long to try…

    — answered January 13th 2011 by Tyler Schwartz
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