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Blackberry support?


I would like to signup for the Blackberry Beta is that possible? How do I go about to get access to it?

Best Regards

— asked November 17th 2010 by Alvaro Urbano
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2 Answers

  • BlackBerry 10 Beta Release

    #####This release coincides with the Beta Release of BlackBerry 10 development support with the Titanium SDK.

    Note that BlackBerry is not included in SDK 3.1.0. To build for BlackBerry, you must have the BlackBerry beta version of the Titanium SDK installed. For best results, use the BlackBerry SDK with a 3.1.1 preview build of Studio, which includes support for Alloy on BlackBerry.

    The BlackBerry beta SDK and Studio preview are available from:


    Note that the BlackBerry beta SDK has not been tested for any other platforms.

    Refer to Installing the BlackBerry NDK for information on getting started with BlackBerry 10 development.

    — answered April 18th 2013 by Eduardo Gomez
  • This works with BB10 Only ? Or is for all BB software ? Best Regards Norwill

    — answered April 23rd 2013 by Norwill Gutierrez
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    • BB10 only. Further info here.

      BlackBerry Native SDK 2.1 for tablets has not been officially supported. You may want to create a feature request on Jira though.

      — commented April 23rd 2013 by Eduardo Gomez
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