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How to get actual data from e


I am fetching some data in app.js from my webserver and send to my webview using fireevent.but in web view how that data is to be fetched frome e.

Code App.js:

Code webview.html:





how that data is to be fetched?

— asked March 27th 2010 by vikas khairnar
  • titanium.app.addeventlistener

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  • Accepted Answer

    You'll pass an object to fireEvent and then access it's properties in e, like this:


    Titanium.App.fireEvent("some_event_name", { 
        res: this.responseText


    <script type="text/javascript">  
    Titanium.App.addEventListener("some_event_name",function(e) {

    Hope that helps

    — answered March 27th 2010 by Jacob Waller
    • ah great work, thx. Where do you find this info?

      — commented August 1st 2011 by Brian Burgess
    • I tried this on desktop, but fireEvent doesn't support sending an object. Ridiculous!

      — commented September 19th 2011 by Stefan Neumann
  • Hi

    assuming this.ResponseText contains the data you need

    Try this

        var webFormData = {};
        webFormData.Data = this.ResponseText;
        Titanium.App.fireEvent('webForm_DataIsAvailable', webFormData);

    and in your web form

    // Accept Data
    Ti.App.addEventListener('webForm_DataIsAvailable', webFormDataIsAvailableHandler);
    function webFormDataIsAvailableHandler(e) {
            var data = e.Data;

    The reason i pass in a function pointer ie webFormDataIsAvailableHandler as opposed to the function(e) {} inline function is that its useful for cleaning up the handler at a later stage. using

    Ti.App.removeEventListener(&#39;webForm_DataIsAvailable&#39;, webFormDataIsAvailableHandler);

    I also you jQuery in my webform and have it fire an event to let the window know it is actually ready for the data first so something like this.

    $(function() {
                Ti.API.info('[WebForm] jQuery Ready');
                // Request Data

    This is just to make sure the DOM is ready for the changes you want to make, but it may be overkill for your situation

    — answered March 27th 2010 by Mark Eggers
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