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NTLM support for Network.createHTTPClient()?

Hello all,

I'm attempting to make a request to a REST based service that is protected by NTLM authentication. Does Network.CreateHTTPClient() support NTLM authentication?

I looked at the kitchen sink code and it has an example for Basic Auth (using setRequestHeader() to pass in an Authorization header) but this won't work for NTLM authentication.

I believe that Titanium is using ASIHTTPRequest under the hood, and it supports NTLM authentication, but I didn't see any way to hook into the setUsername, setPassword and setDomain parameters.

Any tips greatly appreciated. Thanks!

— asked November 19th 2010 by Darren Gibbons
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4 Answers

  • Hmm, by reading TiNetworkHTTPClientProxy.m it looks like Titanium does not support NTLM authentication.

    However, I can hack it in by hardcoding a username, password and domain into the file by adding the following to the "open" method:

    [request setUsername:@"username"];
    [request setPassword:@"password"];
    [request setDomain:@"domain"];

    I've confirmed that this works.


    • How bad of an idea is it to hack the generated file? I'm guessing its pretty bad.
    • How often/what triggers the generation of these files?
    • It looks like adding proper support for NTLM to Titanium shouldn't be that hard. Assuming I code it in correctly, whats the odds of getting the code checked into the release?
    — answered November 20th 2010 by Darren Gibbons
  • Has anyone else found a way to perform NTLM authentication?

    — answered March 1st 2011 by Philippe Monnet
  • I want to connect to website that uses NTLM Authentication
    Can you please help me by a snap shot of your code


    — answered September 14th 2011 by Haya aziz
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    • NTLM Authentication problem is solved in Android 4.0

      — commented November 27th 2011 by Haya aziz
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