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Closing Split View / Window in iPad

Okay so I can't find anything on this, and I have a feeling it's because it's so obvious nobody else has needed to ask the question…!

I'm opening a split view/window, and I want to close it, to return to a main menu screen. It's not implemented in the iPad Kitchen Sink example, but I presume it is possible? Can anyone point me in the right direction here?

— asked November 20th 2010 by Edward Thomson
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1 Answer

  • just call close on the object… that is what I do.

    And I have an event listener that does some additional cleanup of objects that are being using in the splitView

    I am investigating if it is cleaning up, properly so for now I also close the navGroups I am using for the two views in the splitView

    MessageManager.splitView.addEventListener('close', function(data)
        Ti.API.info("close splitView ");
         // undefined method - MessageManager.webView.close();
        // close views the objects for the next call to the MessageManager
        // close NavigationGroups for the next call to the MessageManager
         // clear the objects for the next call to the MessageManager
         MessageManager.listNav = null;
         MessageManager.detailNav = null;
         MessageManager.webView = null;
    — answered November 21st 2010 by Aaron Saunders
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