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return contacts array by lastName

var people = Titanium.Contacts.getAllPeople();… is there a way to return the array sorted by lastName?

— asked November 22nd 2010 by vincent youmans
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2 Answers

  • I looked through the code and it seem you can only sort when you are retrieving users from a group.

    if there is someone out there who knows differently, please let me know

    — answered November 22nd 2010 by Aaron Saunders
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    • I see that as well, but I still don't understand all of the parameters to call by group. Or how the group works.
      I can not even find the KS example.

      — commented November 23rd 2010 by vincent youmans
  • Titanium.Contacts is a crock. It will crash your users' devices.

    This is the only way I have been able to get a sorted name list:

    var contacts = Titanium.Contacts.getAllPeople();
    function sortByLastName(a, b) {
        var x = JSON.stringify(a.lastName).toUpperCase();
        var y = JSON.stringify(b.lastName).toUpperCase(); 
        return ((x < y) ? -1 : ((x > y) ? 1 : 0));


    — answered November 23rd 2010 by John Holman
    • That is exactly what I have been doing. but there are two problems with it.
      1… On large Contact dayabases ( >200 in my situation ), the sort never ends. I think I am running out of RAM. On small contact DB's its slow but eventually finishes.
      2… The .toUpperCase() does not seem to run on ANDROID.

      But I have a question about your code. I see JSON.stringify(b.lastName).toUpperCase();
      Where is the JSON coming from?

      — commented November 23rd 2010 by vincent youmans
    • I can't get it to work on iPad (3.2) with just a.lastName.toUppercase()
      I assumed that's because it is some sort of Object and not just a text string.
      Whatever the reason, the above works for me.
      regards, JH.

      — commented November 23rd 2010 by John Holman
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