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Fresh install of Xcode, SDK 4.2 and Titanium

I have a newly setup machine with new Titanium install, Xcode and iOS SDK 4.2

On trying to create a mobile App in Titanium I get the "You must have iPhone SDK installed. We cannot find it." alert.

Xcode can build both from GUI and via terminal.

Any ideas?

(Titanium 1.2.1)

— asked November 23rd 2010 by Chris Nesbit
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4 Answers

  • I'm also getting a similar error with a fresh install of Xcode, 4.2 iOS sdk and Titanium Developer. When I create a new mobile project it gives the error:

    'XCode is not installed. It is required for iPhone.'

    My dev tools are installed in the standard directory - under Macintosh HD / Developer / Applications.

    Would really appreciate it if anyone can help with this.


    — answered November 28th 2010 by Nigel Elliott
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    • In case anyone else is having this problem - the following fixed it:

      • re-install of the developer tools (run 'xcodebuild' from the command line to make sure xcode is installed properly).

      • delete Titanium Developer, and everything in /yourusername/Library/Application Support/Titanium and /Library/Application Support/Titanium, then download and re-install Titanium and the latest mobile sdk.

      • if you are importing existing projects, delete everything in yourproject/build/iphone so that Titanium does a full rebuild.

      Seemed to work for me.

      — commented November 30th 2010 by Nigel Elliott
  • For those as oblivious as I was: note that installing Xcode 4 from the Mac App Store does not, err, install Xcode 4. Instead, it creates an installer in Applications. One needs to run that installer to get Xcode 4 and the iOS SDKs.

    (As of writing this, the iOS 4.3 SDK installed with Xcode 4.0.2 works fine with TitaniumStudio 1.0.1)

    — answered July 9th 2011 by Arjan van B.
  • I thought I read on there that 4.2 wasnt supported yet, and not to upgrade.

    — answered November 24th 2010 by Josh Lewis
  • As far as I am aware it's kind of supported although some un-expected results may occur. However, not this result… you should get further than 'Add New Project'.

    I have also installed SDK 4.1 - still the same. It appears to be something to do with the current installation of Xcode from the Apple. It worked on my system prior when using an older version of Xcode (note I am not using the beta version of XCode).

    Pointers appreciated but I will continue to 'play'

    — answered November 24th 2010 by Chris Nesbit
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