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How to hide Keyboard

Hi, I'm new to Titanium and i'm tryin to create a calculator app for my own use. the problem is, that none of the default apple keyboards have the buttons i need, so i'm trying to make a custom keyboard layout with buttons.
My Question is now, how can i hide the keyboard though i focus a textfield to have this blinking bar which indicates a selected textfield. When i blur instantly the keyboard, i won't see the keyboard by selecting the textfield, but also my blue blinking bar is gone. So how can i actually block or hide the keyboard with an active textfield?

— asked November 23rd 2010 by Linus Lehnert
  • custom
  • hide
  • keyboard
  • layout
  • textfield

1 Answer

  • You need to try That code


    I hope it will work for u.

    Thanks !

    — answered March 16th 2012 by Sarafaraz Babi
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