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Error building Kitchensink (Android SDK 1.6, Titanium Dev. 1.2.1, SDK 1.4.0, Win 7)

[TRACE] Traceback (most recent call last):
[TRACE] File "C:\ProgramData\Titanium\mobilesdk\win32\1.4.0\android\builder.py", line 995, in <module>
[TRACE] s.build_and_run(False,avd_id)
[TRACE] File "C:\ProgramData\Titanium\mobilesdk\win32\1.4.0\android\builder.py", line 847, in build_and_run
[TRACE] compiler.compile()
[TRACE] File "C:\ProgramData\Titanium\mobilesdk\win32\1.4.0\android\compiler.py", line 167, in compile
[TRACE] self.compile_into_bytecode(self.js_files)
[TRACE] File "C:\ProgramData\Titanium\mobilesdk\win32\1.4.0\android\compiler.py", line 99, in compile_into_bytecode
[TRACE] if count > 0: run.run(args)
[TRACE] File "C:\ProgramData\Titanium\mobilesdk\win32\1.4.0\android\run.py", line 21, in run
[TRACE] (so,se) = subprocess.Popen(args, stderr=subprocess.PIPE, stdout=subprocess.PIPE).communicate()
[TRACE] File "C:\ProgramData\Titanium\modules\win32\python\1.0.0\lib\subprocess.py", line 594, in __init__
[TRACE] errread, errwrite)
[TRACE] File "C:\ProgramData\Titanium\modules\win32\python\1.0.0\lib\subprocess.py", line 822, in _execute_child
[TRACE] startupinfo)
[TRACE] WindowsError: [Error 87] The parameter is incorrect
— asked November 24th 2010 by Vangelis Vassiliadis

1 Answer

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    Firsly, try shortening your KitchenSink project's filesystem path as much as possible. ie D:\projects\KitchenSink

    Also, on the "Run Emulator" page, ensure that you have SDK with "APIs 2.2" selected, ie:


    — answered November 24th 2010 by Paul Dowsett
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