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Android Device Geolocation Error

On a few Android devices, using several versions of mobile SDK, I am getting the error: "location is currently unavailable".

I am used to seeing this in the emulator, but what is it doing on the device? I have GPS turned on. This happens to my app & the kitchen sink.

Any ideas?

— asked November 24th 2010 by Mike Robinson
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1 Answer

  • After some experimenting, I commented out the following line of code and it works.

    //Titanium.Geolocation.preferredProvider = Titanium.Geolocation.PROVIDER_GPS;

    I'm guessing since I am inside a building and the GPS satellites aren't really available it is failing….and not reverting back to the network provider. I would think the property with a name like "Preferred Provider" would be just that a "Preferred" and not "Required" provider. Let me know if anyone has anything to add.

    — answered November 24th 2010 by Mike Robinson
    • It's very common to get multiple error results until the GPS has a fix, is it a case of returns immediately w/ it commented out and with it in, it eventually does, or just always errors out.

      — commented November 24th 2010 by Don Thorp
    • Thanks for a heads up on multiple errors until a fix happens. It seems like with setting provider I get an instant failure and with no provider instant success (when I'm inside with no satellite available). Anyways, I have it working well enough for my purposes now…though the condition was a little confusing.

      — commented November 26th 2010 by Mike Robinson
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