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'Filename may not contain whitespace' in xCode 3.2.5 is back

Just tried to validate an app update using xCode with the iOS 4.2 SDK and the problem with the whitespace in the app filename is back, or its not fixable using the old solution at http://developer.appcelerator.com/question/47431/problem-submitting-apps-in-140-if-they-have-a-space-in-their-name anymore.

Has anybody figured out a way to do it yet?

— asked November 24th 2010 by Andrew Burgess
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  • Its the .ipa file that is causing the problem when the validation happens.

    — commented November 24th 2010 by Andrew Burgess

9 Answers

  • This worked for me.

    Instead of validating directly from the Organizer, use the organizer to save your ipa to disk (i.e. click "Share…", then "Save to Disk…")
    Make sure you save the file with a name that has no whitespace
    Use Application Loader directly to upload your binary

    Apparently a known issue with xcode. https://devforums.apple.com/message/282652#282652

    — answered December 29th 2010 by Mark Smillie
    • Thx dude. This helped me a lot. My first Universal app is submitted!

      — commented April 7th 2011 by Dave F
    • Thanks a lot !

      Application Loader can be found by searching "Application Loader" in Spotlight (seems logical, but when you don't know it…)

      — commented August 22nd 2011 by Adrien Mas
  • Andrew

    I presume you have already tried the solution in the post you mentioned?

    This is just a complete guess, but have you tried using the ascii code \u0020 or \x20 which both represent a space ?

    For a non-breaking space, it's \u00A0 or \xA0.

    It's worth a try ;)

    — answered November 24th 2010 by Paul Dowsett
    • Where are you suggesting I put the ascii characters?
      Yeah, I've tried the old solution.

      — commented November 24th 2010 by Andrew Burgess
    • in place of the space, wherever you had that space.

      — commented November 24th 2010 by Paul Dowsett
    • In the actual filename or in the ArchiveInfo.plist?

      — commented November 26th 2010 by Andrew Burgess

    This fault is back and now I cannot submit apps to the store to update for the fact that iOS 4.2 breaks my apps YET again!!!!

    Can someone please look at this and provide some kind of solution, after all its pretty ridiculous that we keep having these issues because we put a damned space in our apps names, like 80% of all iPhone apps!

    Can we have some action so we are not waiting 10 weeks on a fix!

    — answered November 26th 2010 by Stephen Page
  • I just had some trouble with this, and this worked:

    1) In Xcode Organizer right click on the build date of the app and select "Reveal Archived App in Finder"

    2) Open ArchiveInfo.plist in a text editor (i used Coda)

    3) For me at line 12 it was creating the application with a space:

    <string>Example Name</string>

    Change that to ExampleName and save the file.


    4) Once you get back to Xcode Organizer, you should be able to go through fine.

    (I just changed this http://developer.appcelerator.com/question/47431/problem-submitting-apps-in-140-if-they-have-a-space-in-their-name#92281 to work with it)

    I have submitted an app doing this.

    — answered November 29th 2010 by Thomas Bensmann
    • Does this actually work right now? I'm following your instructions and I'm still having trouble…

      — commented December 18th 2010 by John Welch
    • I cannot get this to work either. Please can we have some clarification on this?

      — commented December 23rd 2010 by Mark Smillie
    • This worked great for me. Made this one change and then it validated and submitted fine. Thanks for the tip!

      — commented January 26th 2011 by Jeff Abele
  • Has anyone submitted an app by simply removing the spaces? I just submitted mine and it worked but I dont want it showing up in the app store as MyAppName. I want it to show as My App Name.



    — answered December 7th 2010 by Dave F
  • Also, What Ti version and SDK are you using?

    — answered December 27th 2010 by Alan Leard
  • I am taking a look at this issue, unfortunately today I cannot test Validate since iTunes Connect is down, but I have submitted apps with a space in the name without any modification. I just checked and the app submitted fine with CFBundleName, XCApplicationFileName, XCApplicationName, CFBundleDisplayName, and CFBundleExecutable all having a space in the name.

    We will need to pin point the issue because it seems to be random if it breaks or not.

    Start by copying the info.plist file into the root of the project and edit the CFBundleName.

    Then be sure to clear the build/iphone directory and rebuild.

    — answered December 27th 2010 by Alan Leard
    • I too have submitted apps with whitespace, but for some reason I cannot get one to go now. I'm using 1.4.2 and 4.2. (I'm still finding 1.5 a bit buggy). I have 4 Apps in the queue at the moment and I'm dead in the water without a fix. Contact me directly if you need more info. 408 505 8918

      — commented December 29th 2010 by Mark Smillie
    • Every other App I have with spaces in the name looks like the build/validation process creates the .ipa and puts dashes into the name where the spaces are. In this case, the .ipa is never created.

      — commented December 29th 2010 by Mark Smillie
  • Check the Name in the "Bundle display name" field in your info.plist file in the project. If there is a blank space fill it with an _.


    — answered January 12th 2011 by Mark Linthicum
  • Guys any luck on this?

    I tried playing around with the .plist file changing my app name etc.

    I changed in: XCApplicationFilename and also CFBundleExecutable then changing also the filename itself but still getting "filename may not contain whitespace" when trying to validate the app in Xcode.

    — answered December 14th 2010 by Joe Maffia
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    • Did you try my solution, I have submitted several apps with whitespaces since, with no problems.

      — commented December 16th 2010 by Thomas Bensmann
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