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addroute - route only in one color?

is it possible to assign a different color for each point in a route in the addroute() function?

I.e. for displaying the altitude in a route?


— asked November 26th 2010 by Werner Bogula
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1 Answer

  • Hi Werner

    You can only set a color for the line, rather than each point. However, have you tried splitting the route up into groups (defined by altitude ranges), and to add a new route with a new color for each segment in the journey (or whatever) that moves into a different range?

    Alternatively, you could use a map annotation at each point in the route, but bear in mind that there are only 3 colours available for annotations (red, green and purple).

    Hope this is useful.

    — answered November 26th 2010 by Paul Dowsett
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    • Hi Hal,

      thanks for the idea. If there is no better solution I will have to live with this, although it would be rather impractical.

      As altitude is a continous value it would be much better to have continous values, so that every point in a route could show a different color.

      For the annotations, its a pity they have only 3 colors?
      Why is that?
      I hope I can modify the sourcecode of the geolocation module so that I can assign more colors, i.e. 255 shades between red and green, so I will set the values as annotations.

      This method would also work for Android, that has for no understandable reason no addroute()-method.

      Thank you an keep up the good work..

      — commented November 28th 2010 by Werner Bogula
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