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Return Types of Functions

I feel like I already answered my question through a proof of concept within a piece of code, I just wanted to get a confirmation…

With most of my code I have been just directly referencing objects (labels, views, windows, etc) but I recently had the idea to change the return types of functions to labels or views or windows.

I was just wondering if others followed this practice or have any related tips and/or if this is fine to do with all objects?

(I'm building an app that has to change a part of a view depending on which row is selected.)

— asked November 28th 2010 by John Welch
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1 Answer

  • John

    Yes, that is certainly possible, and I indeed do it. A good example of that type of thing in use that I saw recently was a project called TiFramework. The video is quite impressive.

    — answered November 28th 2010 by Paul Dowsett
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