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See this when trying to build new application with 4.2

[INFO] Compiling JavaScript...one moment
[INFO] No JavaScript errors detected.
[INFO] One moment, building ...
[INFO] Titanium SDK version: 1.4.2
[INFO] iPhone Device family: iphone
[INFO] iPhone SDK version: 4.2
[INFO] Launching application in Simulator
[INFO] Launched application in Simulator (1.13 seconds)
[INFO] Application started
[INFO] testevents/1.0 (
Detected an attempt to call a symbol in system libraries that is not present on the iPhone:
mmap$UNIX2003 called from function _Z20TCMalloc_SystemAllocmPmm in image testevents.
If you are encountering this problem running a simulator binary within gdb, make sure you 'set start-with-shell off' first.
[INFO] Application has exited from Simulator

Cannot get any of my projects to compile

— asked November 29th 2010 by Aaron Saunders
  • ios4.2
  • iphone
  • xcode

1 Answer

  • solved my own problem by deleting the titanium directory completely before reinstall and the also removing the necessary directories from the build directory of existing projects.

    i dont believe that is the "correct" solution, but it worked for me

    — answered November 29th 2010 by Aaron Saunders
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    • what operating system are you using? i'm on a mac and tried deleting titanium and titanium.plist (the only related file i could find) along with clearing out the build folder, and then reinstalling everything. my project still won't compile.

      — commented December 20th 2010 by Alex Burner
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