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Losing Titanium libraries?

I created an iPhone app, without major problems, for a large real estate firm..
And I need to make an Android app too.. But the iPhone project couldn't be run on the Android emulator, so I put the code aside, and started from scratch..

But the current Appcelerator Android sdk are missing a hugh amount of features, which is quite essential..
Like, passing a function and class (including methods) to windows… It will only pass variables..
The tabs are faulty and I can go on..

So I felt forced to try the daily build from build.appcelerator.net..
And it worked.. Fixed lot of the problems, like passing functions and classes (including methods) to windows..

But.. randomly I lose some libraries?
e.g. When i try to compile with last nights build, Titanium.Network is undefined.. If I then try to compile with a previous night build, then Titanium.Network isn't undefined, and working.. But then another library is missing.. could be Titanium.Map.. If I then try to compile to last nights build again then Titanium.Network is working..

But every time i try to compile same project using same build, without changing API.. Then the fault will still exists.. But will (maybe) only disappear if i try to compile using a different API, and back to the latest..

I don't understand it.. Anyone had the same problem? and fixed it?

— asked November 29th 2010 by Kasper Sorensen
  • 1.5
  • 2.2
  • android
  • apis
  • library
  • titanium.map
  • titanium.network

1 Answer

  • Kasper

    The 1.5.X (master) branch is unstable, so you shouldn't expect it to be otherwise. Try the 1.4.X branch by selecting it from the drop-down list from the top. Having said this, you may be using it already, as this is the default.

    I think when the official version of 1.5 is released in the New Year it will resolve a lot of your issues.

    — answered November 29th 2010 by Paul Dowsett
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