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Select a Photo Album and all its images

How can I select, with the touch of the photo Album name, all the images within that folder?

I need to be able to acquire all the images within a Photo Album that the user will select.

— asked November 29th 2010 by Norman Ortiz
  • album
  • gallery
  • image
  • images
  • photo
  • select

2 Answers

  • cannot be done with the existing API, you will have to write a module to support this functionality… And I am pretty certain that the only way to accomplish this would be through private api's

    — answered November 29th 2010 by Aaron Saunders
    • Do you anyone I could hire to develop that?

      — commented November 29th 2010 by Norman Ortiz
    • using a private API would cause you app to be rejected from the app store

      — commented December 1st 2010 by Aaron Saunders
  • Hi all,

    Does anyone tried this feature in iOS 5 and in android 2.3.3+ versions…

    Thanks in advance.

    — answered September 6th 2012 by Ankit Thakur
    • can you be more specific? Also this would be different implementation on the each platform

      — commented September 6th 2012 by Aaron Saunders
    • Is still there is no API to do this(Select all image of an album or multiple images)?????

      — commented December 14th 2012 by Nabeel Munawar
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