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Are the Frameworks always bundled in desktop apps?


I'm building for Mac and doing a "bundle" everything (as the network build is broken right at the moment <<sigh>>) and I noticed that it includes the webkit and javascript frameworks in the .app bundle.

Is this necessary since the frameworks are installed as part of the OS right? This means my simple app is an uncompressed 100MB size which is crazy.. 60MB of this is are the two frameworks above.

Can I not build these in and rely on the ones installed by the OS?

If I do a network build does it check if the current frameworks are compatible versions and only download if they're not?

Just 100MB uncompressed seems a bit crazy (and even zipped its still really large) for a simple app.

I thought this was mean to be a lot smaller than Air?

— asked November 29th 2010 by Chris Moore
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1 Answer

  • I have the same problem and i´m looking for a answer too.

    — answered February 3rd 2011 by Tobias Taurian Viana
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