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iPhone Button Styles

Can someone provide a list of the iphone Button styles that the numbers reference. The below example shows an arrow. Thanks.

       var submit = Ti.UI.createButton({
            title: 'Sign In',
            style: 2
— asked March 11th 2010 by Alex Wolfe
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1 Answer

  • The numbers below correspond to the style type:

    1. normal button
    2. blue arrow symbol
    3. light info symbol
    4. dark info symbol
    5. blue plus symbol

    I tested 0-7 and these were the results. 0 has no style. As far as I can tell 5 is the last style for buttons.

    — answered March 11th 2010 by Alex Wolfe
    1 Comment
    • The SystemButtonStyle's listed in the docs here have the values:

      Ti.API.info('style: '+Ti.UI.iPhone.SystemButtonStyle.PLAIN); // = 0
      Ti.API.info('style: '+Ti.UI.iPhone.SystemButtonStyle.BORDERED); // = 1
      Ti.API.info('style: '+Ti.UI.iPhone.SystemButtonStyle.DONE); // = 2
      Ti.API.info('style: '+Ti.UI.iPhone.SystemButtonStyle.BAR); // = 2

      And they produce the objects Alex mentioned. Thanks Alex!

      — commented May 4th 2011 by Joe iEntry
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